JPN terima laporan dakwaan penjualan 4 juta data rakyat Malaysia


“SHAH ALAM: Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) mengambil maklum mengenai isu melibatkan penjualan pangkalan data mengandungi empat juta maklumat peribadi rakyat Malaysia di forum pasaran pangkalan data terkenal pada Selasa.”

JPN Database Is Currently Listed For Sale At Around RM 35,500

Chief Chapree


“A database that apparently belongs to the National Registration Department (JPN) has been put up on sale at a well-known database marketplace forum. The seller claimed that it contained four million data that was obtained from the Inland Revenue Board’s (LHDN) website through API that is made for myIDENTITY.”

Ransomware attacks against hospitals are having some very grim consequences

Danny Palmer


“Ransomware attacks against hospitals are having direct consequences for patient care as a result of the reduced availability of systems and services when cyber criminals encrypt networks.”

Ransomware attack levels soaring, now accounting for 69% of all attacks involving malware


“Ransomware attacks have reached ‘stratospheric’ levels in Q2 2021, now accounting for 69% of all attacks involving malware. That is among the most disturbing finding in the latest report from Positive Technologies.”

Crystal Valley hit by ransomware attack, it is the second farming cooperative shut down in a week

Pierluigi Paganini


“Minnesota farming supply cooperative Crystal Valley has suffered a ransomware attack, this is the second farming cooperative that was hit by ransomware operators in a few days. At this time, the family of ransomware thet infected the systems of the company was not disclosed.”

US agricultural co-op hit by ransomware, expects food supply chain disruption

Zeljka Zorz


“New Cooperative Inc., an agricultural cooperative owned by Iowa corn and soy farmers, has been hit by the BlackMatter ransomware group. The attackers are asking the co-op to pay $5,900,000 for the decryption key and not to release the stolen data.”

Iowa farm services provider hit with BlackMatter ransomware and $5.9 million ransom

Jonathan Greig


“New Cooperative -- an Iowa-based farm service provider -- has been hit with a ransomware attack, continuing a streak of incidents affecting agricultural companies this year.”

Mustang Panda Compromises Indonesian Intelligence Agency

Sarah Coble


“A China-based cyber-espionage threat actor has reportedly compromised the internal networks of at least ten Indonesian government ministries and agencies.”

A Third of Industrial Control Systems Attacked in H1 2021

Phil Muncaster


“Around one in three industrial control systems (ICS) were targeted by malicious activity in the first half of 2021, with spyware a growing threat, according to new data from Kaspersky.”

Missouri Delta Medical Center silent about patient data dump and claimed ransomware attack



““Full ICU at Missouri Delta Medical Center, workers scramble to keep up with COVID-19 surge,” a headline informed us earlier this week.”

LA cops told to harvest social media handles from people they stop, suspect or not

Katyanna Quach


“Los Angeles police are instructed to collect social media details from people they stop and talk to, even if those civilians aren’t suspected of breaking the law, according to documents finally revealed after a lengthy legal battle.”

Alleged Russian malware developer arrested after being stranded in South Korea due to COVID-19 pandemic

Graham Cluley


“The global pandemic has caused heartbreak and hardship for millions of people around the world, but for one alleged member of the notorious TrickBot malware gang it may also have resulted in their arrest.”

New Zealand DDoS wave targets banks, post offices, weather forecasters and more

Gareth Corfield


“Banks and post offices in New Zealand have been hit by a cyber offensive, according to reports, consisting of sustained DDoS attacks against a number of critical online services.”

Howard University announces ransomware attack, shuts down classes on Tuesday

Jonathan Greig


“Howard University announced on Monday that it has been hit with a ransomware attack, forcing the school to shut down classes on Tuesday, according to a statement from the prominent HBCU.”

Personal Details of 8,700 French Visa Applicants Exposed by Cyber-Attack

Benjamin David


“A cyber-attack has compromised the data of around 8700 people applying for French visas via the France-Visas website.”

Healthcare cybersecurity under attack: How the pandemic affected rural hospitals

Helga Labus


“Ever since it started, the pandemic has greatly affected the overall threat landscape, with different organizations falling victims to cyberattacks. Understandably, those who had been hit the most were the healthcare organizations. The change in their workflow has created new vulnerabilities and enhanced old ones, making tham an easy target for cybercriminals. Large institutions somehow managed to keep afloat, but what about small rural hospitals?”

Hacker, money launderer sentenced to prison for scamming tax preparers and COVID-19 relief programs

Tim Starks


“A federal judge sentenced two men to prison for a coordinated scheme to hack into tax preparation firms, steal personal information, file fraudulent unemployment claims and income tax returns and then launder the money.”

New standard enhances the cybersecurity of pipeline control systems


“The American Petroleum Institute (API) published its 3rd Edition of Standard (Std) 1164, Pipeline Control Systems Cybersecurity, underscoring the natural gas and oil industry’s ongoing commitment to protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure from malicious and potentially disruptive cyber-attacks.”

Indonesian authorities probe million-record leak from national COVID app

Simon Sharwood


“Indonesia's Ministry of Communications and Informatics is investigating a leak of over a million records from the nation's COVID-19 quarantine management app.”

FBI, CISA warn of potential cyberattacks over holiday weekends

Jonathan Greig


“CISA and the FBI released an advisory warning of potential cyberattacks that may occur over the coming Labor Day weekend, noting that in recent years hackers have launched dozens of devastating attacks on long weekends.”