Russia's cyber-attack losses may reach US$1 bn

Eugene Gerden


“Russian businesses are forecast to lose almost US$ 1 bn (70 billion rubles £662 million) from cyber-attacks this year and this figure is expected to continue to grow in the near future, Lev Khasis, first deputy chairman of Sberbank, Russia's largest state-owned bank, and a former vice-president of Wal-Mart, told”

Teen makes £110,000 by hacking into airline websites and using the booking information to defraud hundreds of customers

Qin xie


“A 19-year-old man made approximately 1.1 million Yuan (£110,000) by hacking into an airline website and using the booking information he stole to defraud hundreds of passengers.”

 U.S. arrests three men over hacking scheme targeting 60 million people

Nate Raymond


“Three men were arrested on Monday for engaging in a wide-ranging hacking and spamming scheme that targeted personal information of 60 million people including Comcast customers, U.S. prosecutors announced Tuesday.”

Europol makes 12 arrests in Remote Access Trojan crackdown

Kyle Ellison


”Europol have been working alongside a number of European law enforcement authorities in an attempt to crackdown against the use of Remote Access Trojans (RATs)“

UK Man Arrested in Connection to VTech Hack

David Bisson


“UK law enforcement has announced the arrest of an individual as part of its ongoing investigation into the hack against VTech, a provider of electronic learning products.”

Twitter warns of government 'hacking'

Chris Johnston


“Twitter has sent warnings to a number of users that their accounts may have been hacked by "state-sponsored actors". It is the first time that the social media company has issued such a warning.

 48% of companies accuse their competitors of staging DDoS attacks against them

Roi Perez


“A recent survey has revealed that 48 percent of businesses believe they know both the identity and motivation of those behind DDoS attacks carried out against them, a large portion of which believed it was their competitors orchestrating the attacks”

Cyberbullying insurance? That’s a real thing one company is offering in the United Kingdom.

Andrea Peterson


“It's no secret that online trolling can be disruptive. Some of its most extreme forms like swatting -- where a harasser fakes an emergency to get police to raid a victim's home -- are real world safety threats.”

FBI arrest key Silk Road 'adviser' in Thailand


“A man alleged to have helped run the notorious Silk Road drug marketplace has been arrested in Thailand.

Canadian Roger Thomas Clark is said to have been a key adviser for Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht.”

Anonymous hacks UN climate conference officials

Max Metzger


“Anonymous has hacked and released the private details of nearly 1,500 UN officials in retaliation against last week's arrest of protestors at a climate march in Paris.”

"Backstabbing" malware steals mobile backups via infected computers

Zeljka Zorz


“In this day and age, our mobile devices carry more personal and business information than any other electronic device. Is it any wonder, then, that attackers want to have access to them?”

Hacker Holds United Arab Emirates Bank to Ransom, Demands $3 Million

Maritza Santillan


“A malicious hacker that successfully breached the IT systems of a large bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) demanded nearly $3 million worth of cryptocurrency or the financial information of hundreds of its customers would be leaked online.”

Chinese government has arrested hackers it says breached OPM database

Ellen Nakashima


“The Chinese government recently arrested a handful of hackers it says were connected to the breach of Office of Personnel Management’s database this year, a mammoth break-in that exposed the records of more than 22 million current and former federal employees.”

Anonymous Hacks Thai Police, #OpSingleGateway Still Alive

Catalin Cimpanu


“Anonymous activists have breached the servers of Thailand's police, stolen and then leaked private information about its officers and some of its evidence. This attack is part of the group's long-lasting #OpSingleGateway campaign.”