Internet security consultant urges government to fund more net police.
By Pia Akerman 


'.......THE government's decision to delay legislation for a mandatory internet filter should prompt a complete reassessment. And according to industry figures, the controversial policy should be dumped. Internet security consultant Phil Kernick yesterday called instead for resources to be spent on more police to fight child pornography, the main reason behind the proposed filter....'

The ongoing war against cybercrime
By Summer Suleiman

'.......Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Like most college students, Jake McCoy had to apply for several loans to pay for his education. After a rigorous check of his credit, he secured the loans and has been paying them back since graduating from Baylor University in May 2006.......' 

Top Network Security Specialist Offers Techniques For Enhanced Security
By mincho2008

'.......In a time when everyone is managing and controlling much of their life from a smart phone or laptop, consumers should be more aware of the security risks accompanying such conveniences. Often times, many of the devices people use are connected on a single network. It is important to realize that the infrastructure these networks rely on is often full of holes.......' 

Searching for World Cup info? Beware scam results spreading 'scareware'
By Jorgen Wouters

'....As the 2010 World Cup reaches its climax this weekend, hundreds of millions of football fans are busy scouring the Web for news on the globe's biggest sporting event -- and cyber-criminals are waiting for them to make one wrong click. Security experts had been predicting a bonanza for online scammers in the months leading up to the tournament, and they haven't been disappointed....' 

The Pirate Bay hacked through multiple SQL injections
By Dancho Danchev

'....The video produced by the group, shows the user names of uploaders, associated emails and IP addresses, reasons for getting banned, including detailed logs of their activities on the tracker. Strangely enough, the Pirate Bay appears to have a special “List 100 newest users with GMail” feature, next to the searchable database of emails......' 

A gang of international hackers got busted in Pakistan
By Mark

'....It’s not hard to track down a hacker, you just need to have a little knowledge; there are tons of ways to trace them an example can be seen @ Propakistani Tracks Hacking Attempts, Attackers got Exposed post. The reason we are behind is lack of proper knowledge.......' 

Cyber Security Challenge UK

'....The UK’s first Cyber Security Challenge – the hunt for future UK cyber security professionals – will officially open on the 26th July. The Cyber Security Challenge is a programme of national online games and face-to-face competitions that will test the cyber security abilities of individuals and teams from every walk of life. ......' 

Schoolboys Nick Webber and Ryan Thomas ‘ran £8m online fraud network’
By David Kolle

'....Details of more than 65,000 bank accounts hacked from personal computers worldwide were allegedly sold on an internet site, leading to at least £8 million ($14.9 million) being stolen from the accounts.......' 

Fault disrupts Seacom internet cable to East Africa

'....The firm said it had been working since the fault was first reported on the 5 July to find alternative methods to route internet traffic, including alternative cables."These restoration solutions are now being actively implemented."......' 

Cisco warns attendees that the Cisco Live database was hacked
By Larry Chaffin

'.... myself it just proves a point. Cisco used to be about routing, switching and security. Now it is about trying to make a copy of the iPad, video everywhere and CTOs who seem to Twitter all day long. I feel as Cisco has become a marketing machine that twists and turns words to make a good pitch to the Cisco faithful, thinking they have to be into everything. But as I tell my customers around the world, “it is better to do five things really freaking well than to do 20 things average.” Cisco has lost their way with their base, but maybe this embarrassing security problem will make them re-focus again on the things that made them great......' 

Managing by Influence
Thierry Roullier

'....Another aspect is to consider is the tapes which are running inside your team member’s head. Because of previous past experiences, positives or negatives, your team member hears voices or “tapes” that will affect your initiative, positively or negatively: “this will never work”, “we’ve tried this before” , “this is a fad, if I wait long enough, it will go away”. These are examples of tapes that are hard-wired in people’s mind. As a leader, it is very important that you are aware of these tapes.  .......' 

The Death of Internet Anonymity
Anthony M. Freed


'....The Financial Times reported that "the creation of a system for identity management that would allow citizens to use additional authentication techniques, such as physical tokens or modules on mobile phones, to verify who they are before buying things online or accessing such sensitive information as health or banking records."......' 

U.S. Plans Cyber Shield for Utilities, Companies

'....Defense contractor Raytheon Corp. recently won a classified contract for the initial phase of the surveillance effort valued at up to $100 million, said a person familiar with the project. An NSA spokeswoman said the agency had no information to provide on the program. A Raytheon spokesman declined to comment.......'

Make cybersecurity a priority
By Tom Ridge

Despite the events of 9-11, many of us have a quiet confidence that we will never, personally, come face to face with our enemies or be the victim of terrorism. While on some level that may be true, we are r esponsible for our own security and, specifically, our personal cybersecurity. The cyberthreats we as Americans face today are complicated and complex. Those who wish to do us harm -- whether as nations or cybercriminals -- can digitally "invade" via the Internet. And many experts believe our next major attack could occur on the cyber battlefield. 

Social gaming the 'next big thing' in advertising
By Lara Sinclair

'....THE rise of social gaming emerged as a significant theme in advertising at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. As social network companies continue to chase revenue streams, Naveen Selvadurai, the chief of Foursquare, and Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, were in Cannes and said that technology which could create new ties with advertisers would be the next big thing. According to Selvadurai, who addressed the Ted@Cannes conference, establishing competitive activities on Foursquare's social network, like going to the gym or calorie-counting between friends, can help modify human behaviour.....'

US government rescinds 'leave internet alone' policy 
By Kieren McCarthy

'.....The US government’s policy of leaving the Internet alone is over, according to Obama’s top official at the Department of Commerce. Instead, an “Internet Policy 3.0” approach will see policy discussions between government agencies, foreign governments, and key Internet constituencies,according to Assistant Secretary Larry Strickling, with those discussions covering issues such as privacy, child protection, cybersecurity, copyright protection, and Internet governance.....'

Security - policies, processes and people | How much is good enough?
By Andrew Buss, Freeform Dynamics 

'.....Workshop The problem with building foolproof systems, so the saying goes, is that the world seems to generate a better class of fool. This seems to be particularly true with systems charged with managing security.In the inseparable troika of policies, process and people, getting to grips with the first two is (almost) easy as long as they are allocated sufficient time. But even if policies and process are done right, it is the people that provide the unpredictable, inventive and zany behaviour that is enough to turn any security manager’s hair white.

50 arrested in smartphone spyware dragnet
By Dan Goodin in San Francisco

'.....Romanian authorities have arrested 50 individuals accused of using off-the-shelf software to monitor cellphone communications of their spouses, competitors, and others, according to news reports.The Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism also arrested Dan Nicolae Oproiu, a 30-year-old IT specialist who allegedly sold the spyware for as much as $580 over the internet. Officials claim his software was available for handsets running the iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile operating systems, and came in Light, Pro, and Pro-X versions that offered varying levels of services......'

Lewis: U.S. not in a cyber war
By David Perera

'....The United States is not in a cyber war and cyber war likely will never occur independently of a physical armed conflict, said James Andrew Lewis, director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies' technology and public policy program. There is cyber conflict, consisting of crime and espionage, but a war in which an enemy attacks U.S. data and physical infrastructure for political effect doesn't currently exist, Lewis said in prepared remarks delivered May 13 to the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations.....'

Cybercrime getting more sophisticated 

'.....Cybercrime is fast maturing as a profession, with criminals using new techniques to bring their malware to market, and even “productising” malware – complete with toolkits, advanced features, and services – that they sell or hire to other criminals for a profit. That’s according to Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report (SIR) which gleans data collected from approximately 500 million computers worldwide to provide intelligence on global online threats.....'

Soca chief in cyber crime call to arms
by Phil Muncaster

'....Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) chair Sir Ian Andrews used the Homeland & Border Security conference in London today to warn the security community that it underestimates cyber crime at its peril......'

Cyberwar: War in the fifth domain
by The Economist

'......AT THE height of the cold war, in June 1982, an American early-warning satellite detected a large blast in Siberia. A missile being fired? A nuclear test? It was, it seems, an explosion on a Soviet gas pipeline. The cause was a malfunction in the computer-control system that Soviet spies had stolen from a firm in Canada.....'

Cybersecurity awareness gets a NICE start
by Suzanne Kubota


'....When President Obama announced his intention to "initiate a national awareness and education campaign to promote cybersecurity" all he had to do was look north to Gaithersburg.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology was already familiar with the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative of President Bush, focusing on cybersecurity training and awareness in the federal government....'