To Fight Scammers, Russia Cracks Down On .ru domain

'..Starting April 1, anyone who registers a .ru domain will need to provide a copy of their passport or, for businesses, legal registration papers. Right now, domains can be set up with no verification -- a practice that has allowed scammers to quickly set up .ru domains under bogus names..'

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Israel's New Strategic Arm: Cyberwarfare

'..At its most effective, cyberwarfare is capable of shutting down a country's economy and its war-fighting capabilities by crippling its computer systems......'

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Facebook Considers ‘Panic Button’ After Outcry

'....Social networking platform Facebook says it is considering installing a "panic button" on its British Web site after government pressure......' 

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A UK-specific Banking Malware is Hitting Users

'...Warnings have been made about a piece of banking malware that specifically targets UK banks......' 
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Africa Increased Connectivity Leads To Raise In Botnets
'....An increase in broadband penetration after completion of fiber-optic cable projects has led to a rise in botnets in Africa,according to a report by Team Cymru security experts. The research shows that the increase in connectivity in the 12 African countries studied has also widened the Web for cybercriminals based in the continent and abroad. The countries included in the research are: Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Libya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. 
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Australian Cyber Security Strategy Launched

'....Attorney-General, Robert McClelland has today launched Australia’s first ever comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy.The strategy includes the creation
of the new Australian Government Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT Australia, which will commence operation in January 2010......'

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Need To Consolidate Information Security Compliance Effort?- Try Open Sources
'.....As with so many problems, large and small, an open source alternative exists.  The Security Officers Management and Analysis Project hosts a suite of tools including Risk Methodology, Risk Model, and Risk Framework and Tool designed to help organizations meet compliance needs without duplicating efforts....' 
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UK Intelligent & Security Committee- Annual Report 2008-2009
'....The threat from espionage remains high – several countries are actively seeking UK information and material to advance their own military, technological, political and economic programmes. This report covers the work that the Agencies are doing to counter these evolving threats. Electronic attack is an example of an important area which the Committee recommended should be given higher priority, and which we are glad to see is now being given greater resources......' 

The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC)? 

Established by the Intelligence Services Act 1994. 
To examine the policy, administration and expenditure of the Security Service, Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and Government Communications Headquarters(GCHQ) 

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FBI/IV3 2009 Annual Internet Crime Report

'....FBI/IC3 Annual Report Shows Online crime complaints increased substantially once again last year. The IC3 received a total of 336,655 complaints, a 22.3 percent increase from 2008. The total loss linked to online fraud was $559.7 million; this is up from $265

million in 2008.....'

Results: Year Of 2009 Top 10 Most Common IC3 Complaint Categories:1) FBI Scams 2) Non-Delivery Merchandise/Payment 3) Advanced Fee Fraud 4) Identity Theft 5) Overpayment Fraud 6) Miscellaneous Frauds 7) Spam 8) Credit Card Fraud 9) Auction Fraud 10) Computer Damage


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Patching Human Vulnarabilities

'....Notwithstanding the technical sophistication of today’s malware, cybercriminals often try to exploit human weaknesses as a way of spreading their programs. This should come as no surprise...'

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SEC: Hacker Manipulated Stock Prices

"..U.S. regulators are moving to freeze the assets and trading accounts of a Russian accused of hacking into personal online portfolios and manipulating the price of dozens of stocks listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market and New York Stock Exchange.

“The transactions have created the appearance of legitimate trading activity and have artificially affected the prices of at least 38 issuers,” (.pdf)  the Securities and Exchange Commission said in court filing.

The so-called “hack, pump and dump” scheme is among the latest illicit methods of gaming the market though hacking."

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The Darkside Of Web

'....When Google indexes so many billions of web pages that it doesn’t even bother listing the number any more, it’s hard to imagine that much lies beyond its far-reaching tentacles.

Beneath, however, lies an online world that few know exists. It’s a realm of huge, untapped reserves of valuable information containing sprawling databases, hidden websites and murky forums. It’s a  world where academics and researchers might find the data required to solve some of mankind’s biggest problems, but also where criminal syndicates operate, and terrorist handbooks and child pornography are freely distributed......'

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"Electronic Intifada" Declared On Israel On Facebook

"...a new Facebook group was created in late February by Palestinian web activists, calling for an “electronic intifada” to protect the holy sites of Islam from Israel. The group has several thousand members, with more people joining constantly......'

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Hacker Disable More Than 100 Cars Remotely

'....More than 100 drivers in Austin, Texas found their cars disabled or the horns honking out of control, after an intruder ran amok in a web-based vehicle-immobilization system normally used to get the attention of consumers delinquent in their auto payments......'

A UK Specific Banking Malware Is Hitting User

'...Warnings have been made about a piece of banking malware that specifically targets UK banks......'

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AS-Troyak Expose a Large Cybercrime Infrastructure


"...In light of our findings, AS-Troyak appears to be a piece in an intricate puzzle of networks that are used for malicious purposes.We suspect that the purpose of these networks is to connect an armada of 8 malicious bulletproof, malware-hosting facilities to the Internet, assuring their constant online presence...."

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Cyber Security Insident Outside Malaysia

"...This report published by Cyber Media Research Cybersecurity Malaysia. The content on this site, including news, quotes, data and other information, is provided by third party content providers for personal information only, and neither CyberSecurity Malaysia nor its third party content providers shall be liable for any errors, inaccuracies or delays in content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon..."

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Europe Vulnerable To "Cyberattack"

'....European countries are increasingly reliant on the internet for a wide range of services – including information, communication and commerce – and the global nature of the online world means they are more closely linked to each other than ever before. Despite this, however, the report suggests that the drastic differences between security operations in each nation leaves the entire system vulnerable......'GCHQ Staff Lost 35 Laptop Computers, Report Says

'....Staff at GCHQ, the (UK) government's electronic eavesdropping centre, mislaid 35 laptops and it was not known whether the computers contained top secret information because of the agency's"haphazard" monitoring system, it emerged today.

The computer disappearances were revealed in the latest report by the parliamentary intelligence security committee (ISC), which also expressed concern about GCHQ's failure to meet the growing threat of cyber attacks, both state-sponsored and by Islamist terrorists.

Referring to the mislaid laptops, the report described GCHQ's attitude towards valuable and sensitive assets as "cavalier" and "unacceptable"......'

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Iran Busts US-Linked Internet Spy Gang


'..Iran claimed to have busted a spy racket allegedly linked with the US intelligence agency CIA and arrested 30 people for operating an internet network to gather secret data related to Iran's nuclear scientists.'

"Iran proxy", which was one of the main projects of the campaign, received $50 million from the CIA and the US State Department.The program, which allowed Iranians bypass the state's filtering system and access the internet, was designed to "obtain personal and family information" of its users and pass them on to US spy agencies."

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Cyber-Criminals Don't Need Technical Skills


'..Earlier this month, Spanish authorities and security researchers worked together to track down and capture three Spanish men behind the Mariposa botnet, a network of almost 13 million computers across 190 countries. The three men, authorities said, were no computer geniuses.'

These people didn't have any advanced hacker skills," said Sean-Paul Correll, researcher at Panda Security."You need a modicum of understanding to run an IRC botnet," Santorelli said. "If you can open an e-mail account, you're technical enough to operate a Web-based botnet. Your grandmother can build a botnet.'

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Zeus Botnets Suffer Mighty Blow After ISP Taken Offline


"....At least a quarter of the command and control servers linked to Zeus-related botnets have suddenly gone quiet, continuing a recent trend of takedowns hitting some of the world's most nefarious cyber operations.

Landesman said she was able to confirm figures provided by Zeus Tracker that found the number of active control servers related to Zeus had dropped from 249 to 181. The takedown came on Tuesday around 10:22 am GMT and was heralded by a sudden drop off in the number of malware attacks ScanSafe blocks from affected IP addresses.

The take down is the result of two network service providers, Ukraine-based Ihome and Russia-based Oversun Mercury, severing their ties with Troyak, said Landesman, who cited data returned by The move meant that all the ISP's customers, law-abiding or otherwise, were immediately unable to connect to the outside world..."

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Mengekang Jenayah Cyber

"JENAYAH siber kini berlaku pada setiap 0.25 saat dengan setiap seorang daripada lima pengguna Internet berisiko menjadi mangsanya. Tempat paling mudah bagi jenayah siber berlaku adalah melalui laman-laman web sosial."

'CyberSecurity Malaysia adalah pusat pakar keselamatan siber nasional di bawah Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi yang mengendalikan Pusat Bantuan Cyber999 bagi membanteras jenayah siber.Jelas Adli, pengguna Internet yang curiga dengan sebarang e-mel yang diterima boleh memaklumkannya kepada Pusat Bantuan Cyber999 dengan melayari laman web'

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