“Based on the assessment of deployment of baseline capabilities (see the accompanying report ‘Deployment of Baseline Capabilities of National/governmental CERTs – Status Report 2012’) ENISA has identified a number of gaps and shortcomings that still need to be addressed in order for n/g CERTs to fully meet their baseline capabilities.”


Cyber Security Tools list 2012

“The tools that criminals use are mostly the same tools that security experts use to audit their systems. This goes the same for cyberwarfare and cybercrime tools. Cyberwarfare or hacktivism tools like DDOS scripts are used by pentesting experts to pentest and audit an environment.”


China telecoms giant could be cyber-security risk to Britain 
James Cusick

“Britain could face a damaging multibillion-pound trade war with China and see the roll-out of economically vital 4G mobile internet services derailed if an intelligence report, due to land on David Cameron's desk within the next two weeks, finds that the UK operations of the Chinese communications giant Huawei represents a threat to the UK's cyber-security.”


Oman's CERT designated as regional cyber security centre in Arab world

“Oman's National Computer Emergency Readiness Team (OCERT) has been designated to serve as the regional centre for cyber security for the Arab region.”


DDoS Attacks Against US Banks Peaked At 60 Gbps
Lucian Constantin 

“Some of the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that targeted the websites of U.S. financial institutions this week have peaked at 60 Gbps, according to researchers from DDoS mitigation provider Arbor Networks.”


On the Spectrum of Cyberspace Operations 
Gary D. Brown & Owen W. Tullos

“As cyberspace operations continue to evolve, they raise some unique questions regarding the nature of conflict and how it should be discussed and regulated.  The lack of legal rules governing cyber operations, for example, is commonly lamented by authors and journalists.


UK.gov: 'Foreign cyber reconnaissance' underway in UK
John Leyden 

“Foreign states may already have used malware to map the networks that support the UK's critical infrastructure systems, the government admitted.”


Government creates "long overdue" national security team
Nicole Kobie

“The government has announced plans to establish a "long overdue" national computer emergency response team (CERT). The security plans were revealed by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, as he updated the government on the progress of the Cyber Security Strategy unveiled a year ago.


UK criticised for failing and fragmented response to a cyber incident
Dan Raywood

“The UK's response to a cyber incident has been described as ‘fragmented and failing' and having a ‘lack of cohesion' between various organisations. According to former GCHQ and CESG head Nick Hopkinson in an interview with Computing the UK has a ‘lack of cohesion' between the various organisations set up to work towards the strategy.”



UK planning 'Cyber Reserve' defence force

“The UK government is to set up a "Cyber Reserve" force to deal with security threats posed by computer crime. Run by the Ministry of Defence, it will allow the armed forces to "draw on the wider talent and skills of the nation in the cyber field".”


Progress on the UK Cyber Security Strategy: Protecting and Promoting the UK in a Digital World

“The Strategy outlined how the Internet has changed and shaped our lives. A year on from its publication, this transformation continues at pace. The UK has been proclaimed as the ‘most internet-based major economy’, with one recent study stating that the UK’s Internet-related market is now worth £82 billion a year and rising.”


Cyber Warfare: Missile Can Cripple Computers

“Scientists are a step closer to developing a weapon that could change modern warfare with its potential to target cyber terrorists and disable enemy nuclear facilities by blowing up their computer systems.”


Hostile states using cyberwarfare to attack UK infrastructure
Nick Hopkins

“Hostile foreign states have used cyberwarfare to attack and map the networks that are part of the country's critical national infrastructure, the government has admitted.”