In cyberattacks, hacking humans is highly effective way to access systems
Robert O’Harrow Jr.

“Government and business leaders in the United States and around the world are rushing to build better defenses -- and to prepare for the coming battles in the digital universe. To succeed, they must understand one of the most complex, man-made environments on Earth: cyberspace.”




The Cost of Cyber Crime

“How do you calculate the real cost to society of cyber crime (There are the financial losses to individuals and organizations (figures rarely made public), as well as the sizable expense of security software and personnel to protect against possible digital incursions.”




Iran sees cyber attacks as greater threat than actual war

“The Islamic Republic has tightened cyber security since its uranium enrichment centrifuges were hit in 2010 by the Stuxnet computer worm, which it believes came from Israel or the United States.”




Why Banks Can Expect More Attacks
Tracy Kitten

“Worries about cyberattacks backed by nation-states are on the rise, and have been for some time. And U.S. banks are prime targets. It's not just monetary gain these hackers are after, either. It's intellectual capital.”




Exclusive: Cyber attackers could cripple UK, warns Blunkett

“FORMER Home Secretary David Blunkett has revealed terrorist groups and rogue states are gaining the capacity to cripple Britain with a large-scale cyber attack, paralysing the country’s infrastructure and returning it to conditions seen in the 1950s.”


Analysis: Industrial control systems under attack
Sooraj Shah

“Industrial control systems (ICS) are integral to many services that society relies on, whether it is power grids, water treatment plants, nuclear and power plants or other critical infrastructure. But now, more than ever before, these systems are under attack.”




South African Police Database Hacked and Leaked by Domainer & Anonymous

In one of their best hack, the Anonymous Dominer hackers have hacked into the South African Police Database, leaking the database online for public.Leak was announced by the hackers on their Twitter account and the leak was pasted on for p ublic.”




Country's first programme to protect infrastructure in state soon
Jaideep Deogharia

“Jharkhand is now set to lead the country's first project on critical infrastructure protection (CIP) after having earned the distinction of becoming the first state in the country to have a dedicated cyber defence research centre (CDRC) to cater for not just investigation of cyber crimes but also for research.”



Japan to set up cyberdefense unit by 2013
Ellyne Phneah

“Japan's defense ministry plans to create a defense force to fight cyberattacks in 2013…The team will work to collect information about computer viruses for analysis and will improve the self-defense forces' (SDF) capacity to conduct drills to counter such viruses.”


Visa blames banks over fraud risk
Beverley Head

“The fact that fewer than 10 per cent of Australian merchants have yet signed up for the Verified by Visa security programme means that the nation has become a target for online fraudsters – and local banks have to shoulder some of the blame according to the global payments giant.”


Swedish official websites hit by cyberattacks

“Several Swedish official websites were knocked offline Monday, although no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks...Among websites hit were -- which gives general information about the country, and the armed forces' portal.”