The CNII community is made up of security practitioners with integrity, training, education, ability, experience and professionalism in Critical Information Infrastructure Protection.

This portal is mainly for the CNII Community members to :

  • Exchange knowledge & information for protection of the Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII).Members can contribute their research papers, technical briefings, product evaluations, experiences & best practice
  • Raise the level of expertise throughout the community for the benefit of the nation
  • Foster a professional networking platform to facilitate the sharing of approaches as well as identifying issues of immediate importance to the CNII
  • Update & Publicize related trainings, events, seminars and conferences
  • Collaborate between freelancers, experts, academics, researchers and security professionals in tackling any security issues and/or projects.
  • The information recorded in the knowledge repository is secured and is accessible anytime, and available to the CNII community.

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