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The alarming rise of premeditated attacks with potentially catastrophic effects to interdependent network and information systems across the globe has demanded that significant attention is paid to critical information infrastructure protection initiatives.

For many years Governments have been protecting strategically critical infrastructures, however in recent times the information revolution has transformed all areas of life. The way business is transacted, government operates, and national defence is conducted has changed. These activities now rely on an interdependent network of information technology infrastructures and this increases our risk to a wide range of new vulnerabilities and threats to the nation's critical infrastructures. These new cyber threats are in many ways significantly different from the more traditional risks that Governments have been used to addressing. Exploiting security flaws appeal') now to be far easier, less expensive and more anonymous than ever before.

The increasing pervasiveness, connectivity and globalisation of information technology coupled with the rapidly changing, dynamic nature of cyber threats and our commitment to the use of IQ for socio-economic development brings about the critical need to protect the critical information infrastructures to provide greater control. This means that Governments, including the Malaysian government, must adopt an integrated approach to protect these infrastructures from cyber threats.

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